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A 5 Star Review Rating, used and loved by a host of "A" list celebrities, you really cannot go wrong with this product. 


Price:  14.50




Missing until now from the Fake Bake range has been a liquid tan.  Liquid tans are so easy to apply, especially using the special mitt that is provided, perfect tanning just got even simpler.

Price:  15.50
This is hugely clever, it's an Instant tan, but with DHA, so that a lovely golden tan develops at the same time. Clever.
Price:  17.99

Special Offer - 2 Flawless for only £25, big discount from RRP.

Price:  25.00
The fabulous Flawless product is now available in a darker version, for a darker longer lasting tan.
Price:  19.99


Fast drying Gel, dries upon contct with skin, so the tanning agents work fast to create a golden healthy glow.

Price:  22.00

For perfect results, use Body Polish before applying the Fake Bake ™. With a passion fruit aroma, this fine exfoliator is packed with rich botanicals that restore your skin's moisture balance whilst natural exfoliators gently remove

Price:  10.80

These clever gloves with textured fingers assist so much when self tanning, price is for a pair.

Price:  0.20
1-8 of 8 items