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Fake Bake® - Original Self Tan


A 5 Star Review Rating, used and loved by a host of "A" list celebrities, you really cannot go wrong with this product.

Fake Bake is easily applied and the results are stunning, we offer only the freshest new reformulated stock.

Check our price, RRP is £24.95, fabulous sale price!  


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Mrs Compton, Middlesborough

I have tried fake tan before, I used boots own brand and also Superdrug's. I found them difficult to apply and the results were not good. A friend told me about Fake Bake, so even though it is much more expensive, I bought a bottle.

Gosh, I have to say, the difference is immense, so easy to apply, it smoothes on evenly and you just know if you have missed a bit. The cheaper ones also smelled bad, I feel this is important as you have to spend quite a few hours with this on, the Fake Bake had quite a nice smell, I could live with it easily. It dried on me within a few minutes and it dried evenly as well, which was another problem with the cheaper ones.

I was delighted with the result, which was a much deeper tan than the others and it lasted for over a week, again that was much better than previous experience.

In all there was nothing but postives and I recommend this product to anyone.

Genna Salmond, Aberdeen

I bought the fake bake trio set, it works great, no problems, no streaking or bad smell and the colour is great. Ive used fake tan for some months now and havent received the compliments I do now with any other. I think you have to take it very seriously though to get the best result, you do have to use the full set, and I exfoliate and moisturise for a week before, by the weekend with my tan in place, its just great. Drawbacks, well, not many, you do need to apply at night, you couldnt really go out with this on, the colour guide is strong, and it does mess up things a bit, thats really all there is and I wouldnt like it without a colour guide and I expected the messy thing, so I would say this is the best one I have tried yet.

Lynsey Palmer, Dorking

I recommended fake bake to a lot of my friends, and like me, there has been nothing but positives. I am naturally dark, ive used fkae bake to give me a tan when I dont have one, and enhance my tan when I do. The colour is natural, certainly not orange, and it isnt sparkly or shimmering, so its suitable for everyday use not just for night out. Whether you decide to use rubber gloves as recommended or not, the texture requires a bit of work to rub it in so gives you plenty of chances to get rid of streaks. Because it's coloured when you put it on you can easily see if you've left gaps. Its say to apply on 2 consecutive nights, but I dont bother, I apply on Monday or Tuesday night and its still good for the weekend. I would recommend this product, it smells nice, it looks nice, not when first applied but when you rinse off 8 hours later, and it lasts very well . Compliments on the product, its great.

Dawn Mitchell, Salford

Fake Bake is definitely the future! Its easy to apply, smells better than other fake tan lotions and has a lovely natural colour.

When I ordered my first bottle from this site the instructions provided were really useful. The trick is defiantly to exfoliate first, I use exfoliating gloves, strange looking but v.effective.

Then apply a good quality body moisturiser, I LOVE the body shops body butters, leave if for 20mins or so until the moisturiser is absorbed, then apply the fake tan.

Gloves are essential, and don't use too much of the lotion, a little does go a fair way and applying too much just means it takes ages to dry and comes off all over, well everything really!! Once you've applied the lotion top to toe you have to have a bit of quality naked time to allow the lotion to dry off, about half an preferred activity is naked ironing, that actually sounds quite dangerous now I say it!!!

Don't forget to do your hands once you take the gloves off, white hands are a dead give away.........Oh, and as for that hard to reach bit in the middle of your back!!

I've found that my flexibility has increased since joining the tanning revolution as I can now do the whole of my own back without employing the help of my mum / sister / friends! So, not only does fake bake make you feel like a bronzed goddess, it also improves your fitness.


Bianca Mc Laughlin


I though I would let you know how I got on with my purchase.

It is the best fake tan I have ever used! Very easy to apply, lovely even colour and best of all it doesn't have that nasty fake tan smell that usually comes with other fake tans.

I have recommended it and your website to my friends as I don't want them to miss out on this fab product or the really good priced deals that you do.



Jenna Mc Lean, Colchester


A word of thanks for your wonderful service and great prices, am a firm fan of Fake Bake, its so much better than the cheap stuff you can buy in supermarkets, perfect every time, and no orange look, thanks lookbest.



Debs Petersen, Newcastle


I use fake bake all the time, used to buy from a salon, but wow what a good deal here, buy it, its the best.


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A 5 Star Review Rating, used and loved by a host of "A" list celebrities, you really cannot go wrong with this product.