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Xen-Tan Dark Self tan Lotion - New Low Price


 Designed by self tanners to avoid all the usual pitfalls with self tanning,

smell, orange colour, mess etc.  Xen-Tan creates a dark colour, from a smooth almost gel like solution. 

Its very easy to apply, and has a colour guide so you can see where

you are applying, the tan the develops over the next few hours.   Xen-Tan has a rich almond aroma, quite pleasant, but the aroma 

fades quickly when you apply it.   Gives an even, natural looking, long lasting tan.

Comes in a pump action 236ml bottle.





I was very scared to try a fake tan, I am a natural redhead with fair skin,

and have never had a natural tan, was really worried I would look just

daft with an orange fake tan.


All my friends use fake tan though and I hate being the pale one.

I read that Xen-Tan was developed by a redhead, and other people

have said its very good, so took the plunge.


My friends gave me all the info on preparation etc., I then found

Xen-Tan very easy to apply, almost more of a gel than a thick lotion.

It dried very quickly, though I still found myself waiting 15 minutes,

just in case (dont think this was necessary).


I went to bed and then showered off the instant colour stuff, and WOW,

I had my first ever tan, and it looked so natural, I am absolutely delighted

with the colour, so happy not to be pale anymore So hey I would say

go for it, I have found my holy grail.




I have to write to you and express my satisfaction with the Xen-Tan

purchased from you recently.   I really do want to use a fake tan, but

have had so many problems in the past with orange look and streaks. 

No such problems with this product.  It applied so evenly and

smoothly, dried quickly and without being sticky, my tan in the

morning was even and natural.  You supplied the product within

1 day and it does exactly what you say it does, I am so pleased,

thank you.



Reference #: LB01513
Price: 17.99



Top new self tanning range that is taking America by storm.  Cheapest in the Uk with free delivery!