50 Top Tips for Fake Tanning





1. Keep it in the fridge, fake tan is full of botanicals and goes off fairly quickly.


2. Don't shave within 36 hours of applying the tan, you could get a little spotty.  


3. Never wash the colour guide off with soap, soap can lift out the tan.


4. If you are worried about bed clothes etc., put down white towels, in the morning soak them in a little bleach, the bleach neutralises the fake tan within 5 minutes.


5. Always use gloves to apply fake tan.


6. Always moisturise before and after applying fake tan.


7. Don't use Dove products, something in Dove doesn't agree with fake tan.


8. Exfoliation is critical to successful fake tanning, start preparing a few days before fake tanning.


9. Use a pumas stone on your ankles, elbows, knees and the joint between foot and leg, to really remove dry skin well before using the fake tan, then moisturise these areas as much as you can, these are the areas that go patchy the most.


10. Only use a very little lotion, mousse or gel, and gently rub it between your gloves before applying, a little goes a long way, too much will create streaks.


11. Never try cheap supermarket fake tans, they don't contain any skin caring compounds, so your tan wont last long, they also tend to create an orange colour, and they smell bad.


12. Use a sponge to apply to the hair line, much easier than trying to get it on properly with gloves on.


13. 2 thin coats will give a better tan than 1 thick one, never apply too much product.


14. Do your ironing naked while you allow the product to dry, you may look a bit odd, but this activity allows for perfect drying without contact with clothes, bed clothes etc.


15. Start from the feet upwards, the legs are easier than the upper body, starting with the legs gets you into the swing before the ackward areas are reached.


16. Apply a little moisturiser to the ankles, ankle joint, knees and elbows just before applying product, these are the main areas that can cause problems as the skin here tends to be dry and patchy anyway.


17. Using a sunbed after your fake tanned has developed will produce a darker result.


18. Always use a moisturiser that is designed for use with fake tan, some moisturisers have oils which affect the outcome of the tan.


19. Use the residue that is on your gloves to tan the hands, just peel one off carefully by pulling it from the bottom, try to leave the fingers intact, so you can put this glove back on later. Purse the hand like a claw, and apply whatever fake tan is left on the other glove to the exposed hand. Then once this is dry, peel off the other glove, and apply the tan from the glove you removed first.


20. If you want to reapply for a darker result, do the moisturing, but not the scrubbing.


21. Don't swim in a swimming pool when fake tanned, chlorine bleaches the skin, the sea is just fine for swimming.


22. Many Vitiligo sufferers have found fake tan masks their condition very well.


23. Use one of the moisturising products that contain a little fake tan, like St Tropez Everyday, your tan will last much longer.


24. Always use gloves with textured fingers, these aid your touch.


25. Always buy your fake tan from www.lookbest.co.uk its much cheaper here.


26. For streaks, anything with a mild acid in it should remove them, i.e lemon juice.


27. Apply Vasoline over eyebrows and round hairline.


28. Dilute the self tan with moisturiser to perfect the tricky hands, feet, knees and elbows.


29. If using a spray or mousse, apply, and wait 30 seconds or until it feels dry to the touch, then rub a small amount of moisturiser to blend, and perfect the tricky areas.


30. Make sure the light is good, ideally a bathroom, what looks good in shadowy light may prove uneven in the light of day.


31. If you dont like the sticky feeling, apply baby powder 30 minutes to 1 hour after applying the fake tan. Use a body powder puff to apply.  It wont spoil your fake tan, once the product has dried it will work.


32. If you are a fake tan virgin or just want a light glow, then blend your fake tan with your usual moisturiser, half and half, mix in the palm of your hand and apply, you will get a lighter.


33. The fastest way to remove fake tan, if you would want to, is by waxing.  It works because waxing removes the first few layers of dead skin cells, it takes the tan off as well.


34. Bend your fingers to get in between your knuckles, this prevents tell tale white lines.


35. Fake tan takes a few hours to develop, always leave for at least 4 hours before applying a 2nd coat if you want a darker colour.


36.  Never rush it, speed and streaks go hand in hand.


37. Before the tan soaks in fully take a flannel to wip over the knees, elbows, and ankles, this avoids over collection in these a ackward areas.


38. Stay indoors while the tan develops, natural sunlight can streak fake tan before it has developed.


39. For the perfect fake tan, exfoliate daily for 1 week before application, moisturise afterwards.


40. Applying fake tan to alkaline surfaces creates the Tango look, if you have had a shower or bath using alkaline soap, wait 30 minutes before applying to allow your skin PH to return to normal.


41. Always use a circular motion to apply, never up and down, this causes lines.


42. Wear loose clothing while the tan develops, helps avoid discomfort with the sticky effect.


43. The actibe ingredient in fake tan is DHA, its a sugar, most fake tans will make you feel sticky, this is perfectly normal.


44. Avoid aftersun products, these are produced to counteract sun damage, this makes them too greasy for use with fake tan.


45. For a long lasting glow, re-apply once or twice a week.


46. Never forget to moisturise every day, moisturisers designed for use with fake tan are by far the best.


47. If you have dry skin, fake tan will make this worse, dont use fake tan for any longer than a week without giving your skin a 3-4 day break.


48. Many outdoor sun protection products now contain DHA, they will call it bronzer, if you have a fake tan before going on holiday, using this type of sun protection will help keep the tan longer.


49. Likewise, many sunbed lotions now contain DHA, again they call it bronzer, every little help.


50. Buy the best quality fake tan you can afford, the cheap ones contain very little DHA and no skin caring ingredients, your tan will be poor and wont last very long.