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Power Tan

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Dark tanning non-tingle formula with L-Tyrosine to help speed up the tanning process, suitable for all tan levels and skin types with an intriguing citrus fragrance. Super basic product, suitable for all, and at a great price!

Price:  7.96

By popular demand, a hot tingle lotion with vitamins A, C and E, citrus aroma, very highly regarded product with a massive fan base, great value for money.

Price:  17.99

A hot mixture and tingle and bronzers deliver fabulous tanning results from the new formulation from Power Tan.
Price:  26.99
A maximum hot tingle formula that delivers intense golden colour through an advanced blend of melanin activating complex and Hemp seed extract (THC Free).
Price:  25.00

he sunbed lotions within this site have been assessed and allocated a formula button, the following is a guideline to those formula assessments:-

Formula 1 - These lotions will be suitable for any skin type (other than skin type 1) and are specifically designed for those starting out on the tanning process. These lotions will contain skin caring components to prepare and nurture the skin for tanning.

Formula 2 - Similar to Formula 1, but for those wan ...

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Universal use

UNIVERSAL USE - This product can be used by any skin type other than type 1, and you do not require to have pre-tanned skin, although the product may have been designed as an extra tan boost, if so, it will ...

Price:  0.00
Mango melt for lisa paterson.
Price:  15.00
1-7 of 7 items